Hi, I am Aryaman. I am currently a first year graduate student at the Mathematics Department, University of Utah.

This website

I shall put all my math-related content here. The navigation bar at the top has the links to the appropriate pages.

I post a lot of content here which is written in LaTeX. The source code for everything can be found in this repository. This link is also available on the sidebar to your left, next to .

A lot of the content I’ve written has been mainly for the sake of my own reference. However, I do try to write them in a way that a third person can understand and learn from them. If you have any suggestions or spot any typos, you may email them to me. The email is present on the left sidebar and the footer of this page.

Personal website

If you remove the /math from the URL above, you will end up at my personal website here. The difference in theme and layout is on purpose: the two websites are meant to be disjoint.